Year In Review - 2009

Highlights of our 2009 meetings
By our Secretary
Gladys Gipson

Greetings to everyone! Another year (2009) has gone and now we begin 2010 with great anticipation.
There is so much work to be done and we look forward to accomplishing many things that we hope will expand and improve our organization. 2009 was really a good year for PCCPC. All officers were busy serving in various capacities.
Members and friends have been very generous in 2009 giving of their time, talents, and financial contributions toward our organization. We continue to receive information on the location of some of the forgotten cemeteries in our county. There is always a need for new members.


is usually a slow month due to inclement weather; therefore not much work was done on the cemeteries. The Whitehead Family Cemetery off Highway 27 and Adams Road has been added to our list. We are now a member of the Cedartown Chamber of Commerce.


Carol Reed agreed to work on the cemetery surveys. Of course, she would appreciate help from anyone willing to assist her. Croker's Hardware business donated a new STl HL 250 chain saw to our group. That s great!


We purchased a used bush hog and received a generous donation of $100.00 toward the cost of the bush hog from Mr. Jessie Clements. Mr. Roy Trammell with Trammell Lawn Care offered to help keep the D.L.Roberts Cemetery sprayed with weed and brush killer.


Michael Robbins' DFACS workers are doing well and he is quite satisfied with the quality of their work. They have done work at Van Wert, Hubbard Brooks, Running Loop, and Hampton Cemeteries. Johnny and Joanna Jay's daughter has been very helpful in selling cookbooks at her beauty shop. Greg spoke to the Historical Society this month. Hall County Library System of Gainesville, GA purchased one Funeral Home Book and one Cemetery Survey Volume 1 Book.


There was no meeting this month.


Our workers dwindled to four this month; however, Michael Robbins and crew worked on the Blooming Grove, Battletown, Van Wert and Peek-Wright cemeteries. According to Doris Robbins a search engine has been added to the PCCPC Website making it easier for researchers to find items on the site. Jane Thompson is copying the Freeman Harris Funeral Home records (1940-1960) for us. She also agreed to gather information on unmarked graves in Van Wert.


Workdays for the cemetery work crew have been changed to Wednesday and Thursday weekly. The volunteers have worked on Hubbard Brooks, Stewart, Hampton-Barnett, Evening Star, Roberts and Van Wert cemeteries this month. Due to thievery we experienced a loss of some of our equipment. Two weed eaters; two pruning shears and six new mower blades were taken. Greg also reported the loss of a wheelbarrow and a garden tiller. This was a considerable financial loss to us. The PCCPC Website has been updated with old and new photos of some of the cemeteries that have been worked on. There is also information on how to donate funds for the upkeep of the cemeteries and links to the Polk County AHGP obits and funeral homes. Thanks to Mr. A.F. Hatch for his generous donation to PCCPC.


There was no meeting this month.


The cemetery work crew, including Greg Gray, worked on the following cemeteries: Van Wert, Antioch, and Blooming Grove. Johnny and Joanna Jay turned in $60.00 from the cookbook sales, which were sold at their daughter's business. Mr. A.F. Hatch donated $50.00. Jane Thompson donated to PCCPC a Cannon Color Image Scanner. She has completed scanning the Freeman Harris Funeral Home records dated 1940-1980. Greg purchased a brand new FS 110 RZ Brush Cutter. Robert Odom agreed to show Greg some graves around Westside Elementary School.


The Fall Festival held on October 3 was a fmancial success for PCCPC. However, we were not particularly satisfied with the location of our booth. Maybe we'll be back at our regular spot next year. Our menu included Bar-B-Cue, Baked Beans, Slaw, Bread, Cookies and soft drinks. We raised $782.95. The Veterans' Memorial Service was held at Van Wert on October 10.


Jane Thompson donated photos of several cemeteries here in Polk County. She also donated some copies of records she got on a trip to the Georgia State Archives. Michael Robbins and crew worked at the Hubbard Brooks Cemetery this month. We have photos of Peek-Wright and Hampton - Barnett Cemeteries showing the good work having been done on those cemeteries. Helen Byars has undergone knee surgery. She continues to improve and is keeping up with obituaries from the Cedartown Standard. Greg has in his possession inscriptions from the headstones at the Davitte Family Cemetery and Rehobeth Community Cemetery, all thanks to Jane Thompson.


We met at Petro's Pizza Restaurant for our Christmas dinner. The food was delicious and we had a wonderful time. It has been a very good year under the chairmanship of Greg Gray. We applaud his efforts and dedicated service to the task of improving and upgrading the cemeteries in Polk County. We look forward to a productive year in 2010.

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