Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Location: USGS Rockmart South Quadrangle Sheet
330 54' 58" N; and 850 05' 23" W

Directions: Travel east from Cedartown via US-278 about 13-miles to Rockmart; at Rockmart turn south (right) on Piedmont Ave. Follow Piedmont Ave. south and then southeastward about 1.7-miles through Rockmart into Van Wert; turn south (right) on Vinson Mountain Road. Follow Vinson Mountain Road generally southward about 6.4-miles to Pleasant Hill Road (this will take you briefly into Paulding County before returning to Polk County). Turn west (right) on Pleasant Hill Road about 1.5-miles to the cemetery; cemetery is located on south (left) side of road behind the church.

Notes: Stones are single unless specifically otherwise noted herein. Transcription is alphabetical only. Data herein contains only legible data from the stones. Cemetery layout is not suitable for convenient inventory by rows. Other data is included when available and denoted by brackets []. Numerous marked but unidentified as well as unmarked graves are present throughout this cemetery; these are not included in this transcription. Church records were not researched for this transcription. Standard military abbreviations are used in this transcription.

FHM Funeral Home Marker
DS Double Stone
TS Triple Stone
~ Approximate, or about
b/l Brother-in-law
b/o Brother of
c/o Children of
d/l Daughter-in-law
d/o Daughter of
h/o Husband of
s/l Son-in-law
s/o Son of
w/o Wife of

Transcribed and Submitted by: Tom and Nancy Harris
12 NOV 2005

Name Born Died Other Data
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth Kirk 23 APR 1890 08-Sep-1950  
ALEXANDER, John Oda 27 MAR 1886 11-Nov-1970 [b/o Willar Belle Brown & Odessa Bollen]
ALEXANDER, Roy 24-Apr-1912 08-Oct-1988 [s/o John & Elizabeth Alexander]
ALEXANDER Children (4) No Dates   No Names Legible
BAILEY, G. Grace 22-Jul-1910 No Date DS with J. Wesley Bailey
BAILEY, J. Wesley 17 FRB 1908 25-Dec-1945 DS with G. Grace Bailey
BAILEY, Norma L. 11-Apr-1939 20-Sep-1939 [d/o J. Wesley Bailey]
BAILEY, Wesley Edward 27-May-1933 09-Apr-1934  
BAKER, Johnny 19 SEP 1879 21-Mar-1957 DS Mary F. Baker
BAKER, Johnny 19-Jul-1905 26-Aug-1947  
BAKER, Mary F. No Dates   DS Johnny Baker
BAKER, Tom 17 MAY 1869 23-Mar-1957  
BARBER, Dorothy C. 16-Aug-1935 13-Jun-2005  
BARBER, Edna Ann 11-Jul-1942 12-Jan-1944  
BARBER, Geneva Ruth 31-Jan-1926 12-Apr-1940 [d/o L.E. Barber]
BARBER, Lonnie E. 13-Jul-1900 17-Jul-1986 DS with Savannah K. Barber
BARBER, Robert Dillard 06-Jun-1930 07-Apr-2004 SP3, US Army, Korea
BARBER, Savannah K. 17-Oct-1902 31-Jan-1996 DS with Lonnie E. Barber
BOLLEN, Albert P. 1880 1943  
BOLLEN, Alvin R. 09-Dec-1924 12-Jul-1978 DS with Myrtle E. Bollen
BOLLEN, Bell D. 2nd Photo [21-Nov-1902] [29-Oct-1963] DS Odessa M. Bollen
BOLLEN, Betsy Ann 07 JUN 1869 No Date DS Tom G. Bollen [d/o John T. & Easter C. Gentry]
BOLLEN, Brenda 12-Aug-1947 No Date DS with Gene Alvin Bollen
BOLLEN, Christine 30-May-1920 30-May-1920 d/o J.E. Bollen
BOLLEN, Cynthia 07-Sep-1959 14-Jun-1997  
BOLLEN, Edgar 05-Nov-1900 05-May-1985 DS with Pearl Bollen
BOLLEN, Gene Alvin 11-Jul-1942 28-Nov-1997 DS with Brenda Bollen
BOLLEN, Johnnie Pauline 03-Mar-1908 04-Aug-1974 DS Randolph Bollen [Johnnie Pauline was d/o Tom & Betsy Allen Bollen]
BOLLEN, Martha 13-Feb-1910 13-Feb-1910 d/o Tom & Betsy Ann Bollen
BOLLEN, Mary 13-Feb-1910 13-Feb-1910 d/o Tom & Betsy Ann Bollen
BOLLEN, Myrtle E. 02-Jan-1922 No Date DS with Alvin R. Bollen
BOLLEN, Odessa M. 2nd Photo 14-Oct-1900 01-Jul-1984 DS Bell D. Bollen [Dates per family; Odess was d/o Nathan Cicero & LueAnnie Waddle. She was sister of Willar Belle Brown.]
BOLLEN, Pearl 02-Mar-1902 12-Mar-1995 DS with Edgar Bollen
BOLLEN, Randolph 10-Dec-1918 [24 Aug 1991] DS with Johnnie P. Bollen [Randolph was s/o Albert & Lizzie Bollen]
BOLLEN, Tom G. 28 MAY 1873 26-Dec-1939 DS Betsy Ann Bollen
BOLLEN, William (Pink) 1916 1981 FHM
BRASWELL, Margaret 20 OCT 1874 20 OCT 1874  
BRASWELL, N. J. 20 FEB 1840 03-Jan-1900  
BRASWELL, S. F. 08 AUG 1843 01-Apr-1912  
BRASWELL Children No Dates     c/o Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Braswell
BROWN, James J. 09 APR 1892 18-Mar-1977 DS Willar Belle Brown [Wed 15 OCT 1911]
BROWN, Fronnie Mae 26-Sep-1941 No Date DS Kenneth J. Brown
BROWN, Kenneth J. 26-May-1940 08-Jun-1993 DS Fronnie Mae Brown
BROWN, Mildred 08-Mar-1923 12-Nov-1924 d/o J.J. & Willar B. Brown
BROWN, Nancy 06 NOV 1862 11-Oct-1917 1st w/o Noble B. Brown; [he is buried at Yorkville Cem with 2nd wife, Frances Cooper. Nancy is d/o John T. & Easter C. Gentry.]
BROWN, Willar Belle 01 JAN 1895 21-Oct-1968 DS James J. Brown [Wed 15 OCT 1911]
BUXTON, Alma Estelle 11-May-1910 07-Sep-1981  
CLEMONS, Bertha 29-Dec-1900 22-May-1993 DS Willie Clemons
CLEMONS, Mildred 12-Jul-1923 12-Dec-1926 d/o Willie & B. Clemons
CLEMONS, Virginia 12-Jul-1925 05-Mar-1926 d/o Willie & B. Clemons
CLEMONS, Willie 12-Jul-1900 18-May-1974 DS Bertha Clemons
COLLINS, Essie Mae 28 MAR 1896 19-Sep-1942 w/o Charlie Collins
COMBES, B. C. [~1830] 1906 Age 76-yr.
COMBES, J. C. 1826    
COOPER, Alexander S. 10 MAY 1893 28-Nov-1985 DS J. Estell Cooper
COOPER, Andrew N. 20-Mar-1918 20-May-1991  
COOPER, E. Cleo 16-Jun-1920 27-May-1922 c/o A.S. & J. Estell Cooper
COOPER, George W. 13-Jan-1923 15-Mar-1936 c/o A.S. & J. Estell Cooper
COOPER, J. Estell 20-Sep-1900 12-Mar-1982 DS Alexander S. Cooper
COOPER, Luther 12-Dec-1909 12-Dec-1909 s/o Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Cooper
COOPER, Melvin E. 05-May-1925 27-Oct-1926 c/o A.S. & J. Estell Cooper
CREEL, Louise Bollen 1928 1995 FHM
DAVIS, Mrs. Mattie 1876 1956 FHM
DAVIS, Samuel M. 1872 1966 FHM
DEERING, Fannie Lou 05-Sep-1908 30-Jan-1976  
DOTSON, David L. 20-Aug-1929 30-Jun-1964 s/o James D. Dotson
DOTSON, James D. 13 APR 1895 19-Jun-1968 DS with Minnie L. Dotson
DOTSON, James W. 04-May-1927 09-Oct-2003  
DOTSON, Minnie L. 13 JUL 1899 28-Jun-1978 DS with James D. Dotson
DUNCAN, J. B. 27 APR 1847 07-Jan-1923 TS with Martha E. Duncan & unknown son
DUNCAN, Martha E. 01 JAN 1854 23-Mar-1962 TS with J.B. Duncan & unknown son
DUNCAN Infant (son) No Dates No Dates TS with J.B. & Martha E. Duncan
DYER, Andrew J. 11 JUL 1899 16-Sep-1971 DS Ruth O. Dyer
DYER, Idell 08-Nov-1928 6 Jan 2007  
DYER, Gordon Harvey 26-Apr-1922 17-Sep-1954  
DYER, Johnny G. 16-Sep-1903 15-Mar-1986 DS Odie L. Dyer Wed 29 JAN 1928
DYER, Jon Timothy 12-Feb-1961 03-Feb-1992 PFC, US Army
DYER, Melvin 14-Mar-1935 No Date DS Mittie K. Dyer
DYER, Mittie K. 22-Sep-1934 24-Oct-2004 DS Melvin Dyer
DYER, Odie L. 19-Jan-1901 01-Aug-1993 DS Johnny G. Dyer Wed 29 JAN 1928
DYER, Ruth O. 27 JUN 1893 31-Jan-1973 DS Andrew J. Dyer
ELLIOTT, A. H. 26 AUG 1879 12-Jan-1958  
ELLIOTT, A. Henry 1900 1941 DS with Alice E. Elliott
ELLIOTT, Alice E. 1893 1958 DS with A. Henry Elliott
ELLIOTT, Bennett 03 FRB 1923 11-Apr-1999 DS with Lovie Elliott Married 10 JUL 1943
ELLIOTT, Columbus 24 OCT 1872 17-Jul-1930 DS with Lillie M. Elliott
ELLIOTT, J. S. 20 MAY 1847 19-Jun-1925 DS with Jarusa Elliott
ELLIOTT, Jarusa 30 MAY 1845 02-Jun-1927 DS with J.S. Elliot w/o J.S. Elliott
ELLIOTT, Lillie M. 22 NOV 1872 19-Aug-1962 DS with Columbus Elliott
ELLIOTT, Lovie 25-Aug-1911 03-Jun-1996 DS with Bennett Elliott Married 10 JUL 1943
ELLIOTT, R. T. 21 OCT 1886 02 JUN 1893  
ELLIOTT, Willie    2nd Photo 18-May-1908 21-Sep-1974 TECH5, US Army
ELLIOTT Infant 04-Feb-1949 05-Feb-1949 s/o C. L. Elliott
ELLIOTT, Travis Scott May 8, 1980 May 8, 1980
FINCHER, Frances A. 14-Apr-1924 No Date DS William E. Fincher
FINCHER, William E. 18-Feb-1917 20-Nov-2004 DS Frances A. Fincher
GENTRY, Easter C. 31 MAR 1847 [28 APR 1930] DS John T. Gentry
GENTRY, John T. 15 MAR 1849 10-May-1909 DS Easter C. Gentry
GLADDEN, Carrie E. 2nd photo 17 MAR 1886 17-May-1905 DS with Charlie I. Gladden
GLADDEN, Charlie I. 30 MAY 1882 15-Mar-1941 DS with Carrie E. Gladden
GLADDEN, Nannie No Date 06-May-1903 w/o H. Gladden
HARRINGTON, David Lee 2nd photo 29-Jun-1934 12-Mar-1995 DS with Johanna K. Harrington SGT, USAF, Korea Married 20 SEP 1953
HARRINGTON, Johanna 2nd photo 21-Jul-1936 No Date DS with David Lee Harrington Married 20 SEP 1953
HICKS, Carrie 06-Nov-1911 09-Nov-1973 DS James Boyd Hicks
HICKS, James Boyd 05-Feb-1901 10-May-1971 DS Carrie Hicks
HILL, James Marion 1893 1936 DS with Sara Kirk Hill
HILL, Sara Kirk Hill 1893 1970 DS with James Marion Hill
INGRAM, Annie Bell 5 Mar 1910 4 Oct 1914 d/o M&M O. W. INGRAM
INGRAM, Bobby 1939 1993 FHM
INGRAM, Edward 05-Feb-1928 04-Jul-1928  
INGRAM, Golden 1914 1998  
INGRAM, Idia 08-Apr-1920 28-Apr-1920  
INGRAM, John Boyd 1949 1998 FHM
INGRAM, John W. 1879 1943 DS Sallie Ingram
INGRAM, Oscar W. 28 MAR 1887 29-May-1928  
INGRAM, Robert T. 16-Nov-1904 02-Jun-1974  
INGRAM, Sallie 1881 1923 DS John W. Ingram
INGRAM, Shirley Ann 10-Feb-1944 23-Nov-1967  
INGRAM, Tillman E. 14 JUN 1889 13-Apr-1961  
INGRAM, Willie B. 03 NOV 1889 23-Oct-1974  
INGRAM, Worthy W. 12-Nov-1918 21-Mar-1993 WWII
JACKSON, Barron (Rev.) 2nd Photo 31-Aug-1934 21-May-2004 DS Mary Jackson
JACKSON, Mary 09-Jun-1934 No Date DS Barron Jackson
JOHNSON, Annie Mary 10-May-1915 20-Oct-1918 d/o J.W. & V.D. Johnson
JONES, Arthur T. 21-Oct-1902 No Date DS with Ida Lee Jones h/o Ida Lee Jones
JONES, Ida Lee 16-Mar-1903 22-Jul-1933 DS with Arthur T. Jones w/o Arthur T. Jones
KELLEY, Shawn Moss 16-Jan-1973 23-Dec-2004  
KIRK, Ellen P. 17-Jan-1928 No Date DS with Paul E. Kirk, Sr.
KIRK, J. L. 30 JAN 1851 04-Nov-1917 DS with Mary F. Kirk
KIRK, Larry 03-Aug-1960 20-Aug-1961 s/o Paul Kirk
KIRK, Mary F. 28 APR 1857 08-Sep-1947 DS with J.L. Kirk
KIRK, Paul E., Sr. 20-Dec-1926 25-Jan-1995 DS with Ellen P. Kirk
KIRK, Pearl L. 1892 1945 DS with Raleigh H. Kirk
KIRK, Raleigh H. 1888 1979 DS with Pearl L. Kirk
LEE, Infant 19-Jan-1915 19-Jan-1915 s/o Mr. & Mrs. R. V. Lee
LEMON, Denise M. 01-Apr-1954 No Date DS with Jerry A. Lemon
LEMON, Jerry A. 26-May-1950 21-Apr-2003 DS with Denise M. Lemon
LESTER, David Lee (Rev.) 26-May-1926 04-Mar-2005 DS Louise Hollis Lester Wed 05 APR 1947
LESTER, Louise Hollis 31-Oct-1928 No Date DS David Lee Lester Wed 05 APR 1947
MANER, Clim B. 08-Oct-1910 06-Dec-1936  
MANER, Frances E. 10-Jan-1903 11-Oct-1985 DS James Taylor Maner
MANER, James Taylor 17-Mar-1903 08-Jun-1954 DS Frances E. Maner
MANER, Lonnie Hoyt 03-Apr-1934 01-Jul-1995  
MANER, Maudie Swann 26 JUL 1899 02-Nov-1936  
MANER, Sudie 14-Nov-1915 09-Jan-1999  
MARKS, Jacie Mae 19 MAR 1897 21-Jan-1971  
McBRAYER, Edna B. 31-Aug-1943 No Date DS with James C. McBrayer
McBRAYER, James C. 27-Jul-1934 08-Oct-1991 DS with Edna B. McBrayer
McBURNETT, James L. 25-Jun-1931 28-Jan-1999 DS Mozelle McBurnett
McBURNETT, Mozelle 11-Sep-1930 No Date DS James L. McBurnett
McMILLIAN, Ada M. 12 APR 1876 14-Oct-1917 TS with Laborn & Edward J. McMillan
McMILLIAN, Amberly No Dates No Dates DS with Vicky McMillian d/o J.L. & E.S. McMillian
McMILLIAN, David T. 20-Nov-1946 31-Dec-1999  
McMILLIAN, Donna June 25-Aug-1934 25-Aug-1934  
McMILLIAN, Edward J. 18-Nov-1916 22-Jun-1917 TS with Ada & Laborn McMillian s/o Laborn P. McMillian
McMILLIAN, Elsie S. 31-Oct-1908 09-Oct-1993 DS with James L. McMillian
McMILLIAN, Hoyt 27-Jun-1930 27-Jun-1930 s/o J.L. & E.S. McMillian
McMILLIAN, James L. 09-Oct-1904 29-Mar-1936 DS with Elsie S. McMillian
McMILLIAN, Joseph P. 15-Apr-1907 05-Nov-1985  
McMILLIAN, Laborn P. 09 NOV 1873 30-Dec-1949 TS with Ada & Edward J. McMillian
McMILLIAN, Laborn R. 22-Apr-1935 22-Apr-1935 s/o J.L. & E.S. McMillian
McMILLIAN, Larry Vernon 30-Dec-1946 02-Nov-2002 USMC, Viet Nam
McMILLIAN, Libbie W. 10-Oct-1919 15-Apr-2003 DS with Walter R. McMillian Married 10 NOV 1934
McMILLIAN, Vicky No Dates No Dates DS with Amberly McMillian d/o J.L. & E.S. McMillian
McMILLIAN, Walter R. 28-Sep-1912 02-Jul-1975 DS with Libbie W. McMillian Married 10 NOV 1934
McMILLIAN Children No Dates No Dates James, Billie Jean, Robert, Larry & Deborah
MITCHELL, Catherine L. 14-Dec-1953 03-Jul-1996 DS Sammy L. Mitchell Wed 27 JUN 1973
MITCHELL, Lillian L. 24-Jun-1917 28-Jul-2003 DS Sam M. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Sam M. 10-Feb-1919 No Date DS Lillian L. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Sammy L. 10-Apr-1948 No Date DS Catherine L. Mitchell Wed 27 JUN 1973
MOODY, Betty Frances 27-Apr-1935 No Date DS Guy Melvin Moody
MOODY, Guy Melvin 04-Jun-1929 28-Apr-2002 DS Betty Frances Moody
MOODY, Tina Lynn 19-Oct-1958 19-Oct-1958  
NEWMAN, James Henry 22 NOV 1874 05-Oct-1957 DS with Lizzie E. Newman
NEWMAN, Lizzie Elliott 13 DEC 1873 08-Sep-1926 DS with James H. Newman
NEWMAN, Marvin Earl 06-Feb-1914 12-Feb-1914  
PATTILLO, Era Mae 28 FEB 1884 11-Nov-1960 DS John F. Pattillo
PATTILLO, John F. 15 MAR 1874 17-Jun-1984 DS Era Mae Pattillo
PURSER, Daniel L. 06-Apr-1932 No Date DS Patsy K. Purser
PURSER, Easter M. 04 SEP 1895 14-Feb-1968 DS Irvin L. Purser d/o Tom & Betsy Allen Bollen
PURSER, Irvin L. 08 SEP 1895 14-Jun-1979 DS Easter M. Purser
PURSER, Mildred M. 1922 1966 DS Verdell Purser Wed 14 NOV 1946
PURSER, Patsy K. 11-Oct-1950 No Date DS Daniel L. Purser
PURSER, Ruth Ann 08-Oct-1961 19-Nov-1972  
PURSER, Verdell 1920 1998 DS Mildred M. Purser Wed 14 NOV 1946
ROWELL, Harold D. 14-Jul-1941 11-Nov-1948  
ROWELL, Johnnie Sam, Sr. 27-Feb-1919 04-Apr-1991 DS with Sara E. Rowell Married 22 SEP 1943 PVT, US Army, WWII
ROWELL, Sara Elizabeth 13-May-1923 No Date DS with J.S. Rowell, Sr. Married 22 SEP 1943
ROWELL, Terry Lee 19-Jul-1953 19-Jul-1953 s/o Johnnie S. Rowell
ROWELL, Tim Sylvester 17-Mar-1959 17-Mar-1959 s/o Johnnie S. Rowell
RUTHLEDGE, Joseph Clyde 30 SEP 1894 02-Aug-1914  
RUTLEDGE, Ada L. 07-Feb-1902 18-Jul-1903  
RUTLEDGE, J. M. 28 MAR 1866 25-Oct-1912  
RUTLEDGE, Jewel Veala 2nd Photo 03 DEC 1898 05-Jul-1900  
RUTLEDGE Children No Dates No Dates c/o J. M. & R. A. Rutledge
RUTHLEDGE Infant 29-Dec-1910 29-Dec-1910 c/o J.M. & Lula Rutledge
SEARCY, Billie 1928 1930  
SMITH, Christy No Dates No Dates Child
SPAIN, Donald H. 22-Oct-1950 24-Oct-1950 s/o J. W. Spain
SPAIN, Elphia E. 1915 1978 FHM only
SPAIN, Wesley 1916 1980 FHM only
STILLWELL, Charles M. Dec-1946 Dec 1946  
SWAN, J. Wesley 24 MAY 1876 06-Dec-1941  
SWAN, Ruby J. 28 MAY 1879 23-Apr-1962 [Family records show name as Rudie J. Gentry; d/o Easter C & John T Gentry and sister of Nancy Brown 1st w/o Noble B. Brown]
SWANN, Charles 1943 1999  
SWANN, Fred Shaw 06-Aug-1929 21-Sep-1929  
SWANN, John D. 1920 1968  
SWANN, Larry 14-Aug-1956 26-Mar-2005  
SWANN, Parks 12-Feb-1915 20-Jul-1994 [Dates per SSDI]
SWANN, V. Darlene 06-Dec-1957 24-Apr-2003  
THORNTON, Darryl 1962 1962  
THORNTON, Estelle V. 06-Nov-1926 25-Jan-1975  
THORNTON, Guy W. 16-Jul-1925 11-Nov-2003 DS Lillian F. Thornton
THORNTON, L. H. 17-May-1924 17-May-1924 Infant
THORNTON, Lillian F. 09-Apr-1928 No Date DS Guy W. Thornton
THORNTON, Pamela 1958 1958  
THORNTON, Roy L. 10-Dec-1922 29-Sep-1996  
THORNTON, Veassie 16 MAY 1898 15-Aug-1940 w/o L.H. Thornton
TOLBERT, John J. No Dates No Dates CSA
VENABLE, Joseph Shawn 13-Mar-1972 10-Oct-1992  
WEAVER, Amanda Kirk 12 APR 1892 01-Oct-1986 DS with Ephriam T. Weaver
WEAVER, B. A. 07 MAY 1886 20 FEB 1887  
WEAVER, Ephriam T. 13 JUL 1888 20-Nov-1970 DS with Amanda Kirk Weaver PVT, US Army, WWI
WEAVER, J. B., Mrs. 11-Feb-1905 28-Apr-1905  
WHEELER, Vera 24-Mar-1905 04-Jun-1905  
WHITE, B. F. 28-Apr-1924 11-May-1982 US Navy, WWII
WHITE, Charity P. 16 FEB 1851 16-Feb-1917 w/o J. P. White
WHITE, F. A. 01 SEP 1874 19 MAY 1896 w/o G. W. White d/o S. F. Braswell
WHITE, Fannie 02 MAY 1869 02-Feb-1921 w/o G. W. White
WHITE, George W. No Dates No Dates  
WHITE, J. W. 02 SEP 1871 27-Aug-1918 DS with Peggie White
WHITE, John P. 02 JUN 1848 28-Jun-1938  
WHITE, Laura 17 JUN 1884 16-Nov-1916 w/o T.F. White
WHITE, Martin Bell 12-Jul-1908 05-Oct-1908  
WHITE, Pearl 04-Mar-1907 27-Jan-1910  
WHITE, Peggie 22 SEP 1873 No Date DS with J. W. White w/o J. W. White
WHITE, Roy 03-Aug-1914 12-Mar-1917  
WOOD, Loyd E. 10-Aug-1927 24-Mar-1938  
WOODY, Bill 18-Mar-1905 14-May-1905 DS with Elizabeth Woody
WOODY, Elizabeth 06-Mar-1905 04-Jun-1905 DS with Bill Woody
WRIGHT, Derek H. 10-Mar-1981 10-Mar-1981  
WRIGHT, Dorothy P. 17-Dec-1928 No Date DS Stanley E. Wright, Jr.
WRIGHT, Hugh A. 20-Mar-1905 15-May-1905  
WRIGHT, John Banks 13 FEB 1875 01-Jul-1943 DS with Mary Jane Wright
WRIGHT, Lillie Belle E. 04-Nov-1919 02-Sep-1946  
WRIGHT, Mary Jane 12 OCT 1877 03-Mar-1965 DS with John Banks Wright
WRIGHT, Snowdie S. 28 JUN 1886 11-Apr-1947 DS with William M. Wright
WRIGHT, Stanley E., Jr 09-Mar-1928 29-Apr-1975 DS Dorothy P. Wright
WRIGHT, William M 29 MAY 1876 09-May-1951 DS with Snowdie S. Wright
(Surname Illegible), N.C. 22-Aug-1918 18-Feb-1920 FHM

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