Unidentified Cemetery # 1

Survey by Ralph and Jane Ayers - March 1976.

Directions: This unidentified cemetery is on the Thomas Wray Farm. It may be know as a Wright Cemetery. Travel south approximately two or three miles from the city limits of Cedartown, Georgia. Turn right on Highway 100 and travel approximately two and three quarters miles, again turning right on county road S1372 and travel slightly over half mile. On the left is a field road that goes to a house which is approximately 60 yards off the road; at the house turn south east over the pasture and go or walk approximately 65 yards to a clump of trees. The cemetery is is in the clump of trees. The land (in 1976) belongs to Mr. Thomas Wray who lives on down the road. The cemetery is in a very bad state of neglect. What stones that are there are knocked down and broken and very old. The inscriptions are very faint. There was only one stone that had a (readable) inscription.
There appeared to be several crypts at one time by the shape of the stones and about 7 unmarked graves rather sunken. Some had rocks to mark these indentations but no visible identification. The pasture is open to this cemetery>

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Name Comments Birth Date Death Date
WRIGHT, Benjamin A   October ??? ?? July 1857

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