Polk County Georgia
Cemetery Preservation Committee...
Who we are, & what we are trying to do...


What is the Polk County Cemetery Preservation Committee?
     It is a group of concerned citizens that wants to "restore dignity to our ancestors' final resting place".

What do you mean by "Restore Dignity to our ancestors' final resting place"?      Many of the cemeteries in Polk County have the grass cut on a regular basics, but many more are badly overgrown and in bad need of repair.  We are not only concerned with these overgrown and neglected cemeteries, but any cemetery that is in need of restoring, tombstone repair/replacement or general maintenance.
This will be a long drawn out process and will take time, volunteers and money.  First we must evaluate all the cemeteries in Polk County and divide them into divisions such as critical, important & maintenance.

What about cemeteries on "Private Property"?      We will seek permission from the property owner/guardian to enter the land and evaluate the cemetery.  We will explain the purpose of our group and work with the property owner/guardian, after all they have rights too.  We want to clean up and maintain the cemetery, not damage the property.

What after evaluating the cemeteries?      We will seek help from local civic groups, churches and individuals to help clean up the cemeteries and keep them maintained.  Fallen tombstones will need
to be re-set as well as damaged stones repaired or replaced.
This will be expensive, but we will apply for grants and other types of funding to help cover the cost.  We will have fund raisers and accept donations.

Once the cemeteries have been cleaned up, won't they just grow up again?      Yes, that is if they are not maintained.  We are hoping that some local groups will "adopt" some of the cemeteries and keep them maintained.  Even if they
are not cut but once a month, that is better than in the past.

What if you cannot get enough groups to "adopt" all the cemeteries?      We are hoping to start "cemetery funds" to cover the expenses of keeping the grass cut and other minor repairs.  This is something that we will looking into as we apply for grants and other means of funding.  This is something that is going to take time.  It is NOT something that we can do overnight, or even in a few months.  We are talking about years.  It would be great if we could get all the cemeteries cleaned up in one year, but we must be realistic.  It is going to take everyone working together, family/community/county, to see this project become a reality. This is "OUR" history, and once it is gone, it cannot be replaced.

Where are you now with this project?      We have evaluated most of the cemeteries in Polk County and started some clean up projects.  We still need to find some cemetery locations and make photos
and evaluate the cemeteries.  We have some fund raisers planned for later in the year.  More details will be available later.

     What can we do IF we do not live in Polk County or are unable to help with the cleanup projects?      Some people are not able to physically help with the cleanup projects for many various reasons, some live too far away to help.  But we still need people to help with recording the cemeteries, transcribing the records, verifying & proofreading.  If nothing else, you can spread the word to family and friends about the project.  As people learn about the project, more volunteers will come forward to help.

When are meetings?      Meetings of the PCCPC are the 3rd Saturday of each month, except December, at the Cedartown Library, starting at 10:00 a.m.  Everyone is invited to attend.

     If you would like more information about the PCCPC, you can call 770-748-5437.  Information is also available on our web site at http://www.pccpc.org